Kim proudly shows her kitchen, but where are the sinks?

Kim Kardashian was recently a guest in ‘73 questions’ by Vogue, the section in which the fashion magazine subjects stars to a barrage of questions. During the conversation, viewers were given a unique insight into the million-dollar villa of the reality star. But one detail was particularly striking: where are the sinks in her kitchen?

For fans of the Vogue-Youtube, it is time and time again looking forward to a new edition of the now iconic ‘73 questions’. This time the home of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Calabasas, California, was extensively portrayed, while the reality star answered all kinds of questions about her life.

The interior of her villa bears the stamp of the Belgian decorator Axel Vervoordt. Together they chose a minimalist interior, and you can take that very literally. After all, the entire home was built from a very neutral color palette and there is hardly any furniture in the house. “A minimalist monastery”, Kim describes it herself.

There is now a lot of hilarity on the internet about the kitchen of Kim Kardashian. It soon became apparent that there are no kitchen cabinets to be found and that there is a kitchen island with taps, but without sinks. “This is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” it was heard on Twitter, among others.


However, the riddle was quickly resolved: if you look closely, you will see that there is indeed a drain for the water. From a distance, it only seems as if the kitchen island is flat, but in reality, there is indeed a sink. And look, another urgent mystery has been solved.

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