Wow! Leo Blanco spends over £22k to replicate M. Jackson [Photos]

Leo Blanco, 22-year-old Argentinian and strong fan of Michael Jackson, has already spent more than £22,000 to look like the singer. Leo Blanco has undergone more than 11 plastic surgeries and numerous cosmetic procedures.

The young man, Leo Blanco earns a living by making shows like his idol. But admits that he is still not satisfied with his present look. He plans to have another surgery.

The 22-year-old Argentinian from Buenos Aires said, “once you start the surgery, you cannot stop.” Leo underwent two otoplasty surgeries – to reshape his ears – three liposuction surgeries, four rhinoplasty surgeries, and two applications of hyaluronic acid and Botox to improve his cheekbones.

Leo Blanco explained that: “I have already spent more than £22,000. That’s not what I imagined but to make my dream come true, it’s worth it,” he said.

The artist, who has more than 40,000 followers on Instagram. Leo Blanco has struggled with self-esteem issues from an early age.

“I have never had many friends at school. I thought there was something wrong with me and that I had to change my body. So I bleached my blond hair. Although I am muscular and blond, I have never been able to communicate with students of my age. Today, I can say that I am surrounded by people whom I like and not by people whom the school imposes on me”.

Leo Blanco wants more surgeries

Following his most recent surgery, a mandibular massage that will give Leo Blanco a squarer and more masculine chin and jaw, Leo plans to undergo other operations in his quest for his ideal look. “I think I miss three surgeries on my nose, and of course on my chin. I would like to have a little more eyebrow, it could be done through injections.”

Leo Blanco added that he would want face uplift but that his dream is being denied most specialist he consulted. “I would like to have my face lifted, although all surgeons refuse to do so because they say I’m not old enough.”

Though Leo Blanco indicate that the road towards his surgery is not easier, especially with his family members and people surrounding him. Also, in addition on what the specialist would accept to do. “It’s a constant fight between what my parents want, what I want and what surgeons are willing to do.”

Leo’s mother, Adriana Caruso, has admitted that she is worried about her son’s obsession with the late King of Pop and his ongoing surgeries. “I agree that he is a fan of Michael Jackson and he wants to look like”, she says. But she is worried on various plastic surgeries he underwent. “But plastic surgeries?” It sounds.

Leo Blanco’ mother continues saying: “I’m worried because he talks about surgeries as relaxed as if he was going to the hairdresser’s”. Stressing that “but I’m very worried about him dying during one of these surgeries.”

Leo Blanco was never happy with how he looked
©Barcroft – Leo Blanco was never happy with how he looked

Blanco struggled with self-esteem issues

The 22-year-old said he has struggled with self-esteem issues from a very young age.

He told Barcroft TV that he never had many friends at school.

“I thought that there is something wrong with me and that I had to form my body, so I went to the gym and I bleached my hair blond,” he explained.

“Despite being muscular and blond, I have never managed to connect with pupils of my age.

“I can say that today I’m surrounded by people who I love and not with people that the high school imposes on me.”

At 22, he became a strong fan of the singer, although he loves Michael Jackson while he was still a child.

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