Libya: Liberation of several officials of the former regime

In Libya, Al-Siddik al-Sour, head of the investigation bureau at the Prosecutor General’s Office in Tripoli, announced on Monday (June 11th) that several officials of the former Libyan regime will be released in the coming days.

These former high dignitaries have been imprisoned since 2011 but their conditions of detention have improved in recent months.

They are accused of crimes against humanity during the uprising against the Gaddafi regime in 2011.

The announcement of this release follows a decision by the Libyan Minister of Justice that relies on the health status of the detainees.

Al-Siddik al-Sour, head of the investigative office of the Attorney General of Tripoli, however, does not speak Monday that a release “momentary” of these former prisoners, an expression certainly intended to calm the spirits.

If the old regime still has a certain popularity with Libyans, others still shout revenge.

Last March, according to RFI, which revealed that these former high dignitaries had been transferred in May 2017 to a house arrest in Tripoli.

According to the information, they are currently living in private apartments in the city center where they are entitled to outside communications and visits from their families. They also benefit from medical facilities.

Following their detention in Al-Hadaba Prison, where they remained for several years and suffered various acts of torture, many of them suffered serious illnesses and suffered from the effects of their imprisonment. Al-Hadaba was held by an extremist militia, a branch of al-Qaeda. It is the Islamic fighting group Al-Moqatila.

Abu Zaid Dourda, the last chief of Gaddafi’s outside intelligence, is the most important personality among those who will be released. It also includes several other officials of the intelligence and security administration of the former regime, such as Abdelhamid Ammar Ouhida Ammar, who was sentenced to death, or the commander-in-chief of the air force, Gibril Abdelkarim al- Kadiki, sentenced to 12 years in prison.

This announcement of Al-Siddik al-Sour was made to the 218 Libyan television channel and was widely echoed by the local media, but without a specific date for this release being given.

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