Life isn’t always fair: how can you tell whether you deserve more?

Not everyone is worthy of what they have, and conversely, not everyone has everything they are worthy of. This is called the injustice of life, which sometimes cannot be understood at all.

However, life does not require understanding; it can flow on its own, leaving one a silent spectator who does not understand the plot of the picture. Depending on the situation, everyone should have different questions for themselves, but some will do for everyone.

How valuable is your opinion?

Some people talk incessantly about everything and all the time, giving out advice left and right. They are rarely listened to because everyone understands that it is impossible to know everything, and such super-informedness looks suspicious. One cannot get a word out of others, even if one really needs an opinion or advice. They keep silent because they are often simply unaware or unsure of the relevance of their judgments. These two groups of people differ in the value of their opinions: where for the former it’s just a way to flaunt their vision, for the latter, it’s a reason to reflect, and perhaps to speak up carefully.

How often do people ask for your opinion, ask for advice? This is an important indicator because it’s one thing to listen to a chatterbox unwillingly, holding back from insulting them, and quite another to ask a specific person purposefully. We are ready for this only if we see in a person a certain authority, at least about the topic of interest. If a person expresses an opinion solely on his own initiative, most often, it is not worth much. We have to poke around, get to the dear thoughts, and almost beg to share them.

How many new things have you learned?

A person who has stopped developing is not worthy of better things than he had before because he remains the same, on the same level. In fact, most people stop at the high school level, adding a little during higher education. A little bit, because students often don’t care about their studies, they have other interests at the forefront. Over time, acquired knowledge can be forgotten, and a person regresses, rolling back in horizons even lower. Pop culture, which often replaces teachers, books, and science, contributes to this.

How many A4 sheets do you need to briefly describe what you’ve learned over the past year? Let’s be clear right away that games, TV shows, sports competitions, and celebrity scandals do not count as useful knowledge. Discarding this pile-up called modern culture may leave us with nothing at all. The fact is that all of the above is perceived easily, almost in the background, for useful knowledge, we not only have to hunt, but also listen, sometimes even read, and this already equates to superpowers.

Are you progressing professionally?

There is an opportunity for personal growth in any job and in any business. Somewhere it is expressed in wages, somewhere in saving time to perform duties, and naturally, everyone can improve the quality of the product or service provided. One way or another, a rare employee or entrepreneur achieves perfection because there is no limit. Another thing is when a person does not like what he does, and then any development is out of the question.

There are several questions here, first of all – do you like the work you do? It is important to define the exact tone, maybe you just like it, because you haven’t noticed anything better yet, or you hate it, but there are some circumstances that prevent you from leaving slamming the door. If you really love your job, how much you’ve grown professionally during the last year, and most importantly, how does it manifest itself? Why haven’t you found something better for a year if you just tolerate it? The one you might be worthy of.

When will you recoup your expenses?

Imagine how much life costs the average person. Here he is born, then goes to school, travels to seas, and everything seems to be free because no ordinary child pays for himself. However, the parents pay for it, and more rarely, the state. While growing up, everyone changed countless clothes, ate probably tons of food, begged, broke, and got a bunch of equipment again. It all costs money, which transforms into a happy childhood. The bill goes into the millions of rubles, and, in fact, the question is, how much has already been recouped, and when will it pay off? It’s not about giving money back to someone, but about payback for your own sake.

It may be that the added value of a person is disproportionately higher than the final result. This is almost always true of the children of celebrities, whose growing up costs almost billions, but who end up with nothing. For commoners, the situation is somewhat easier, but not everyone, even by the end of life, has time to recoup investments, thus making their existence not so meaningless or economically unprofitable.

The undeserving can become worthy

The easiest option is to write off everything to the unfairness of fate or superiors. You can choose the position of the eternally misunderstood victim of circumstances, but this does not move the person forward, does not contribute to his progress in any way. It may happen that someone does not get more simply because he is not worthy.

However, being unworthy here and now is not a life sentence, and everyone can change their situation, at least as long as they remain capable of doing so. It is a different matter if one’s desires and expectations are very high, moreover, totally incomparable to the real quality of the person. These people have only to wait, now in hatred, now in sorrow, but never get what they want.

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