Lion stands erect, dodges striking claws blow from Tiger [Video]

A huge lion approached a quiet tiger while resting, however, bite the tiger. The furious tiger had a wild reaction. It strikes a blow with claws but how the ‘king of the jungle dodges’ the claw blow amaze the internet users.

Though mammals that have claws sometimes defend and offend themselves with their claws. Unlike cats that can be very ferocious for many reasons. And especially have violent reactions when being disturbed their peace, likewise Lions and Tigers.

Lions and Tigers are rarely seen together in their wild state because they have a different habitat. However, they can be found together on a safari.

The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, which has one of its headquarters in Mexico, is in charge of rescuing various animals from mistreatment submitted in circuses, in houses or in the zoos. They are to welcome them and give them a good place to live.

Lion stands erect, dodges striking claws blow from Tiger [Video]

The scene captured triggered when a Tiger that lived with the owner of the reserve, Eddie, was reclining while enjoying the day inside the reserve. Suddenly, a huge lion ‘as the king of the jungle’ arrived and bit him in the neck, the tiger immediately turns and tries to strike a big blow with his claws.

The felines have quick reactions, including the lion, that’s why this huge mammal, seeing the attack of his companion, jumps fleeing from him, in a spectacular way.

Lion stands erect, dodges striking claws blow from Tiger [Video]

To the relief of thousands of social network users, how the lion stands erect and dodges the striking claws. It was all about a game of these two big mammals. Since both have grown up together, they even live in the same cage. The lion bit him very slowly and the tiger reacted by playing, even so, the claws could be a fatal blow for the ‘King of the jungle’ that went away after the response of his companion of another species.

Watch the scene below:

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