Long-Awaited Pentagon UFO report: No Explanation for 143 UFO Sightings

A major US government report on UFO sightings states that defense and intelligence officials do not have enough information to determine the mysterious flying objects observed by military pilots in recent years. It may be advanced technologies of terrestrial origin, atmospheric events, or objects of extraterrestrial origin, it sounds.

The report submitted to Congress and released to the general public describes 144 sightings since 2004 that the government officially defines as “unidentified aerial phenomena,” abbreviated UAPs, the new term for UFOs. The report was published by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence along with a Navy task force.

Among other things, the document describes some UAPs of which images were previously circulated. These are video images taken by US Navy pilots, showing how flying aircraft off the US east and west coasts exhibit unprecedented speed and maneuverability and also have no visible propulsion or controls.

Safety at risk

“UAPs clearly pose a flight safety problem and may pose a challenge to US national security,” the report said, adding that there is likely no single explanation for the phenomenon. “In a lim ited number of incidents, UAPs reportedly appeared to exhibit unusual flight characteristics. These observations could be the result of sensor errors, spoofing, observers, or mistaken observation, and require additional in-depth analysis,” it further sounds.

Extraterrestrial phenomenon?

When asked if there might be an extraterrestrial explanation for the observations, a senior government official responded during a press briefing that it is not up to the task force to look for extraterrestrial life. “Of the 144 reports we’re dealing with here, we don’t have any clear indications that there is an extraterrestrial explanation for it, but we’re looking at where the data is leading us,” he added.

The report suggests five categories of possible explanations: “airborne clutter” (floating debris, ed.), natural atmospheric phenomena, development programs of US governments or industry, systems of foreign powers, and finally, the “other” category.

Long-Awaited Pentagon UFO Report: No Explanation for 143 UFO Sightings

Only one of those 144 sightings can be explained by airborne clutter. For the other 143 cases, the task force has insufficient data to rule out whether they are in one of the “other” categories for the press briefing on the report. “Any time there are concerns about flight security or counterintelligence, we take that very seriously, and we will continue to do so,” the report sounded.

“Ignored and ridiculed”

The US Congress ordered the report because of a new intelligence law signed into law by then-President Donald Trump in December 2020. Republican Senator Marco Rubio played a key role in it. “For years, the men and women we trust to defend our country have reported encounters with unidentified aircraft with superior capabilities. And for years, their concerns were often ignored and ridiculed,” Rubio said. “This report is an important first step in cataloging these incidents, but it is only a first step.”

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