Look at the extremely organized closet of Britney Spears

That a pop star of a world size like Britney Spears (37) has a room full of clothes does not immediately surprise. I can’t believe it’s almost Marie Kondo-wise. Although the American singer is almost as surprised by that.

For a lot of women, especially those who are busy with clothes, a walk-in closet is a big dream. Pop star Britney Spears has one of these, with all the clothes organized by Season, color, type and print. And she herself is very pleased about that.

Take a look:

In a short video on Instagram, she says, “Guys, ok, I just got home and guess what the housekeeper did to my closet?” Then she films every corner of the organized closet, saying, “Everything Is per color and more organized! All the bright prints hang together, all the flowers, all the hoodies, all the blue, all the black, all the red, all the clothes from the ’90s, all the winter stuff, sweaters, and jackets.”


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