Madagascar: the opposition declines the offer of discussion

The presidential party and opposition MPs meet on Thursday night after a first meeting on Wednesday.

But the opposition parliamentarians did not come to meet.

In front of a few thousand protesters in place of May 13, Hanitra Razafimanantsoa, vice president of the National Assembly said she no longer wanted to discuss electoral laws.

The demands have evolved, she added, recalling that the opposition is now calling for the resignation of the President of the Republic and the government.

She also announced the opposition’s refusal of SADC mediation.

Master Razafimanantsoa insisted that the mediation that started with the 2009 political crisis brought nothing to Madagascar.

The president of the Senate, also president of the presidential party Rivo Rakotovao, he does not lose hope of seeing the discussions continue.

“We are only at the beginning of the process and setting up the general framework for dialogue,” he explained.

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