Man wants to stage an accident but forgets Tesla is full of cameras

A resident of the US city of Slidell, Louisiana, has been arrested for pretending to be involved in a collision with a Tesla Model 3. Images taken by the car’s cameras showed that he had faked the accident.

Officers rushed to a local gas station where a man said he had been hit by a car. He claimed that the driver drove off after the accident. Arthur Bates Jr. (47) complained of back, neck, and leg injuries and told law enforcement that the Tesla had crashed into him while crossing a plaza.

If Bates had chosen a different car, he might have gotten away with trying to make a quick buck. But unfortunately for him, Teslas are equipped with the so-called Sentry Mode, which monitors the environment of the car with the help of all kinds of cameras.

Those images are captured by Tesla. So when police officers were able to track down the driver, he quickly showed images showing the scam clearly.

The images from the Tesla show that the man staged the entire accident.
The images from the Tesla show that the man staged the entire accident. ©Slidell Police Department/Facebook

The video, uploaded to Facebook by Slidell Police, shows Bates sliding to the back of the Tesla before lying down behind it and pretending to be injured in an accident.

The driver gets out and speaks to the man briefly before he drives away. After being confronted with the footage, Bates admitted to fabricating the entire incident. He has since been arrested for making a false report.

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