Man who refuses to wear mouth mask: “My mom is dying of COVID. Her bed will be ready for you in 12-24 hours”

An American woman has harshly put an end to a man who trumpeted on Twitter that he no longer wanted to wear a mask inside any business. Laurie Kilmartin, 54, commented that her mother was dying of Covid-19 at the same time. “The palliative care team says her bed will be ready for you in 12-24 hours,” it said.

Her mother’s illness went very fast, the comedienne – who works for the talk show of Conan O’Brien, among others – said on Twitter on Thursday. Last Monday, the 82-year-old woman was admitted to a special nursing home for rehabilitation.

“On Thursday, she had trouble breathing and was taken to the hospital. There she appeared to test positive for Covid-19. And now, six days later, she is floating on the brink of death. She’s so frail.”

Going to the hospital to watch with her mother was not allowed to do so because of the danger of infection. But the staff installed a camera on the bed of the dead woman so that the family could still be with her. That was when Kilmartin saw a tweet from well-known former baseball player Aubrey Huff (43).

“I will no longer wear a mask inside any business,” he tweeted. “It’s unconstitutional to enforce. Let’s make this bullshit stop now! Who’s with me? #coronavirus.”

That went wrong in Kilmartin’s mind. In her characteristic cynical style, she answered him on Wednesday. “Aubrey, my mom is dying of COVID, I’m watching it right now on Facetime. The palliative care team says her bed will be ready for you in 12-24 hours. See you then!”

More than 80,000 people liked Kilmartin’s tweet and gave her heart. A new message from the woman followed on Thursday evening. “UPDATE. The bed is free.”

“This is the loudest, saddest, at the same time funniest, most angry, and heartbreaking reply I’ve ever seen,” the comments read.

Aubrey Huff himself did not speak yet.

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