Man without clothes in the church: “Do it all over again for perfect shot”

In every country, there is always the joker that turns things around. In Belgium, when something bizarre happens in Ghent, there is still a good chance that De Monkeys will be involved.

In recent weeks, the jokers have been busy recording. Then no sacred house is safe: even the Sint-Baafskathdraal cannot escape a streaker. Adam,s costume in the church, one would wonder.

De Monkeys started in 2017 as ‘The Monkey Diet’ by making student-like videos in Ghent. Riding your bike into the water on the Gras- and Korenlei, running naked through a packed class at the university… There is little that is not possible for the two of them.

“Due to corona, we were unable to do anything for a few months, but now we are starting up again,” said Yuri Debouvry and Dennis Van Stappen, according to the HLN website.

From now on, they will get the help of the production house ‘Collectief Verhalen’ to collect everything. “This all seems like a bit of improvisation on the spot, but it takes a lot of preparation to visualize everything correctly and to record the good reactions of the bystanders. We usually film everything at once,” quoting the source.

Group of elders

In the first teaser, they show what they have been doing in recent weeks, and again the clothes do not stay on. Yuri walks out of St. Bavo’s Cathedral without clothes. “We had to do those recordings twice. We had planned everything to get out just when a large group of elders was at the entrance. I walked in, quickly took off my clothes, and walked out again. Unfortunately, all those elders had left in the meantime. So I had to do it all over again,” Yuri laughs.

This week, the first new videos are expected on the Youtube channel of De Monkeys.

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