Men pay attention: shocking stories that women tell each other

Women often talk and frequently discuss lovemaking, but men don’t know it. Finally, Yes, one secrete revealed! They know it, but they are not sure. So I give you the secret of women.

In the game of love, women fondly pretend, but inside their minds, the sign is entirely different. And I do not express myself only for young people; I speak of all age groups, all categories combined.

It’s a vast subject, so women talk about it a lot, if not very often. In addition to this topic, which to some extent encompasses others, they talk a lot about their preferences, the ideal and marriage partner if they are not married or theirs if they are, and sometimes that of others.

Okay, they often talk about other people’s marriages. They love it; they love talking about other people. Gossiping is one of the favorite activities of women. If you indeed fall on me, you have heard women give you this speech: “I do not understand how we can talk about others; I cannot understand people who have time to devote to the life of other people.”

Men listen: shocking stories that women tell each other
mother and daughter talking

Yes, we know this talk by heart, but whether they realize it or not, whether they are aware of it or not, they love to talk about the lives of others. There is still a categorization to do, there are those who speak of it little, and there are those who talk about it a lot.

There are also other secrets. Women love it; they always have a secret to tell, even if the adage says that it does not exist. I think it adds suspense to the conversation to say it is.

That’s not all, but women love men and everything that revolves around them without lying to you—the stories of a couple, our own, and those of others. Yes, still in the function of gossiping, they love to say how cute a couple is as they can go after a couple who have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

Men listen: shocking stories that women tell each other
Two female workers whispering outside the office

You don’t realize it, but reproductive health issues crop up a lot in girls’ subjects. This shows to what extent the lack is present and that the matter must approach in a more accessible way. We make it a taboo subject when it is a subject that concerns everyone and that comes up very often in discussions between women.

A pro tips? Make your women smile, and she will tell you more about how she discusses you with her friends the first time you met her.

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