Mexico: villagers throw suspected rapist into crocodile’s cage

In Mexico, the population of a small village has completely cracked, including deciding to do justice by themselves.

In southern Mexico, in San Francisco Ixhuatan, in the state of Oaxaca, the indigenes have decided to do justice itself. Indeed, after a young woman came to the police station to file a complaint for alleged rape, she gave all the information about her attacker.

Very quickly, the police look for him and find him. Questioning her, she then embarks him in custody and leaves him at the police station until it ends and the investigation proceeds. However, the relatives and the young woman and the villagers decide to do justice themselves. As a result, they enter the police station and forcibly remove the 20-year-old suspect.

A cage of two crocodiles.

The buckling of the coup in the face of the town hall, they then decide to place him in a cage, cage in which there are two crocodiles. Fortunately for him, they had just eaten a few hours earlier and obviously had no appetite for the young man.

The police managed to calm the crowd and take out the suspect, who will then be hospitalized. Indeed, he was very weakened by the numerous blows he received.

Yet he should still answer for his actions.

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