Microsoft is working on its streaming device for cloud gaming on every screen

Microsoft is working on “streaming devices” focused on cloud gaming that will allow gamers to play on any TV and monitor without the need for a console. The company is also working with a television constructor to bring Xbox into TVs as an app.

According to a news item that the company has put online, Microsoft continues to focus on cloud gaming with Xbox and Game Pass. For example, the company is working with various television manufacturers to offer Xbox an app for Internet-connected televisions. No hardware is required except a controller. Microsoft is also working on its cloud gaming streaming device, which should turn every TV and monitor into a cloud gaming device.

In addition, Microsoft’s data centres worldwide will be equipped with Xbox Series X hardware so that gamers can play games made for the next generation of consoles from virtually any device. In addition, Microsoft will be bringing cloud gaming via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to Edge, Chrome and Safari in the coming weeks

. Cloud gaming will be added to the Xbox app for PC and integrated into consoles later this year.

Xbox is also working on new subscription models for Game Pass, including making deals with telecom providers to offer consoles and Game Pass for a monthly fee, instead of players having to pay for a console in advance. Cloud gaming is also coming to more countries via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, including Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan. Microsoft will be announcing the new lineup of games from its 23 game studios this Sunday at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase at E3, but the company is committed to adding a new first-party game to Game Pass every quarter.

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