Minister sentenced to 10 years in prison in DRC

He is a provincial minister in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Dolly Makambo, who received this heavy sentence.

The High Military Court yesterday condemned Dolly Makambo, minister of the provincial government of Kinshasa and the co-defendants, in the murder case of the managing director of the Vijana Health Center.

A few weeks ago, following an altercation in this Kinshasa-based hospital between the managing director of the center and a group of collaborators of Kinshasa’s provincial interior minister Dolly Makambo, a policeman in the minister’s custody was reported to have fired at close range on the managing director who dies instantly.

According to the Congolese press, the police officer accused of being the perpetrator of the murder – on the run – was sentenced to life imprisonment and degraded.

The High Military Court on Thursday recognized Dolly Makambo, Kinshasa’s provincial minister of interior, guilty of inciting to commit an act contrary to duty and discipline. The co-accused of the provincial minister is sentenced to between two and 10 years of penal servitude.

A message from the citizen movement Fight for Change (Lucha), received by AFP, reports that the condemnation of Dolly Makambo “is all about justice, as is the speed of this trial. Dolly, there are still too many Magistrates, arm yourself with courage!” Wrote the movement in its message.

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