Miss Africa 2018’s hair burns in the middle of the stage [Video]

The events took place in Calabar, Nigeria, where the Miss Africa 2018 beauty pageant was held, where Miss Congo was crowned the winner. And surprisingly after the crown was placed on her head, it began to catch fire.

The story seems to be taken from a paranormal story; however, it has a very clear explanation. The winner wore a beautiful Afro, characteristic of the Congo, which in a matter of seconds began to burn after the games of fireworks and flashes of flame that fell on his thick hair.

Dorcas Kasinde, representative of the Congo, surprised the African public after winning the race, due to the fact that her native country rarely goes to the finals of the contest.

Miss Congo Dorcas Kasinde

During the celebration, the beautiful young woman is seen to be happy with the glories of success embracing Miss Nigeria who came second. Then he releases the hand of his companion, who notices right away that the new Miss has fire on her head.

Diverse images and videos that circulate in the social networks shown how Dorcas was disturbed of the smiling emotion before the public and suddenly flames of fire on hair emerge .


As reported by DailyPost Nigeria, the woman shows no signs of seriousness.

Dorcas Kasinde won a $ 35,000 prize, in addition to a modern sports car. On the other hand, the organizers of the event assured that next time they would be more careful and due to this incident, they would restrict the use of pyrotechnic rockets.

Fortunately, the tragic event was only a hilarious moment for the memory, because thanks to the security help of the program and some attendants close to the young woman, the burning on her hair was turned off in a matter of seconds.

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