Momfluencers beware, dadfluencers recently demanding their place in the spotlight

Instagram is teeming with momfluencers eager to promote toy brands and post photos of their offspring. But more and more often, their companions are also in the spotlight. Proud daddies, also known as dadfluencers, are on the rise on Instagram.

Momfluencers have dominated parenting influencers, but recently, dadfluencers are taking up their place in the spotlight. On Instagram, many dads can be seen with lots of followers. Some ‘daddy cools’ have thousands to a million followers. We show you some nice international profiles and dadfluencers from us.

Jonathan Joly

Jonathan Joly is one-half of the Irish vlogging couple The SacconeJolys. You will find cute snaps and funny videos of his family with four children, two boys and two girls, on his profile. That already earned him a million followers.

Cute: eldest son Eduardo likes to wear women’s clothes, but cool dad Jonathan doesn’t mind that at all. Inspirational!

Simon Hooper

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The family of British Simon Hooper consists of four daughters, including twins, and his wife, Clemmie. With five women in the house, he is clearly in the minority, something he regularly makes funny captions about. He shares touching photos of his family on his profile, which has resulted in him accumulating almost 900,000 followers.

His twins look suspiciously like two little angels, for that alone Simon deserves our follow.

Hannes Coudenys

The Flemish Hannes Coudenys is the brain behind Ugly Belgian Houses and Smile Safari. With his partner Deborah, he adopted son Rae Morris from Guinea and recently also a daughter Alma Coco. You can follow their adventures on both Instagram and TikTok.

Sholom Ber Solomon

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The award for funniest instadaddy will undoubtedly go to Sholom. His page is bursting with hilarious photos and videos of him dressing up for daughters Zoe and Olivia. As a bear, snow-white, unicorn, princess, or superman: the sky is the limit! One thing is for sure, and they are not bored at the Solomon house. And there is no time for that at all because the American daddy has a total of more than 300,000 followers to entertain. He even allows his daughters to paint him, which is something not many kids can say about their daddy!

Tom Demeyer

Teacher Tom is Vic’s proud dad, as a secondary occupation, he is a web designer and dadfluencer. He shares unfiltered snapshots of his life with his wife Eveline and their 3-year-old son on his profile. From matching outfits to chocolate-covered faces.

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