Monica Lewinsky: “I had to lie to Bill Clinton”

Former White House trainee Monica Lewinksy has announced that former President Bill Clinton has told her to lie about their affair. She said that in the last part of the documentary ‘The Clinton Affair’ of the American television network A & E.

In the pending assault case of Paula Jones against Clinton, Lewinsky could be an important witness. Her possible statement about a sexual affair with the president would be of great importance to the Jones case.

Clinton knew all too well and called his former trainee to tell her that she should break the law and lie under oath if she was asked in court if she had a sexual affair with him. “I was terrified that it would be made public,” says Lewinsky in the documentary. “Fortunately, Bill helped me through and said that if I made a written statement about it, I might not even have to come forward. I did not feel good about it, but it was best to do it. Pretty strange, is not it? That breaking the law is the best thing to do.”

Settlement of nearly 850,000 Dollars

Eventually it was proved that Lewinsky and Clinton had a sexual affair. That almost led to the deposition of the president, but because there was no majority, he could stay on.

In the Jones case, the former president finally paid $ 850,000 as settlement in the 1990s

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