More and more scientists doubt evolution

The human body did not go through evolution: A respected surgeon has questioned Darwin’s theory. Evolution, meanwhile, has no proven explanation for the origin of even a single disembodied system, let alone an interconnected web of disembodied complexes.

The structure of the human body is such that one cannot function without the other, which means that all systems must be created simultaneously. However, this does not fit the evolutionary theory, where the body changes gradually.

Surgeon Joseph Kuhn of Baylor University Medical Center in Texas published a paper called “Dissecting Darwinism” eight years ago, and to this day, this work has caused much controversy.

In it, Kuhn questioned Darwin’s theory of gradual evolution on the basis of the well-known medical law of “all or nothing,” which describes the response of cells to stimuli.

According to this law, a cell responds to a stimulus only when it exceeds a certain threshold, and then this response is as strong as possible, but before this threshold, the cell does not respond to the stimulus at all.

According to Kuhn, this law can be applied to the entire human body, with its interconnected biochemical structures that support and regulate all parts of a complex organism.

According to his conclusion, all the basic parts of this organism cannot be created in stages (evolutionary way), because otherwise, the body simply would not function as it should. All this points to the fact that the human body, in its present form, was created all at once, simultaneously.

Dr. Kuhn is a respected physician and an expert in his field; he has an excellent understanding of all the intricacies of how the human body works, how it is set up and how everything functions. That is why his “heretical” conclusions cannot be dismissed so easily.

Biochemist Michael Behe, too, at one time, called the “all or nothing” cellular reaction very complex. Removing even one part from this system would not allow the whole system to work and it could mean that this whole system was originally built with all of these parts.

This all surprisingly leans toward the creationist theory, that is, the biblical version of the origin of the world, in which God created all living things as they are, including man, and does not fit the Darwinian theory, in which change occurs naturally and in stages.

In his work, Kuhn also cited the work of another physician, Jeffrey Simmons, who found and described 17 “all-or-nothing” systems in the human body. One of them is the very complex workings of the heart, which depends on a huge number of factors – the heart should not beat too fast or too slow, hemoglobin should not be produced too little or too much, etc.,. So all the systems that regulate normal heart function and hemoglobin levels must be in the body from the beginning.

Kuhn writes that “virtually every aspect of human physiology has regulatory elements, feedback loops and developmental components that require thousands of interacting genes leading to specific protein expression. Thus, “the human body is an unarticulated complex system on a cellular and organizational basis”.

Evolution, meanwhile, has no proven explanation for the origin of even a single disembodied system, let alone an interconnected web of disembodied complexes.

Kuhn also stresses that the transformation of a single creature into a human being “would require something far greater than what might be expected from random mutation and natural selection.”

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  1. I wish to request Dr Kuhn to go back and re-study embryology more seriously. He might be able to see how what he claims to be impossible becomes possible. All mammals for example start life as single cells. At this single-cell stage, in morphology we all look alike although with time we develop different features that distinguish us as men, monkeys, dogs or elephants!

    If Dr Kuhn rubbishes evolution in favor of creation how many Adams did God create, to account for the existence of Africans, Europeans, Chinese and so on?

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