Mother tried to kill her baby with deadly poison [Photo]

The violence continues to be a phenomenon that occur every day in our lives, as news circulating around the world show that there is a kind of disregard for others. And sometimes there are cases verging on the monstrous, like what happened recently in Australia.

According to the first reports, a 26-year-old woman was arrested in Australia for trying to end the life of her 13-month-old baby. According to the authorities, she tried to poison him with bleach through his feeding tubes.

Though, Little William suffers from a disease that requires constant attention, but his mother Brooke Evelyn Lucas, allegedly tired of the situation, decided to end the suffering by poisoning him. It is known before that day the terrible attack on the child’s life occurred. Brooke had shared several pictures on her Facebook profile with her baby, who had recently been discharged from the hospital; unfortunately, I would return days later to be fed with bleach.

So far it is known that Brooke Evelyn Lucas faces justice. On January 14, she would have to testify before the court because, if found guilty, many years of prison await her. In case of being guilty, the mother will have to pay for an act that did not result in the death of a helpless baby but that, undoubtedly, reflect to anyone who will read the story.

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