Mum “smashes” her newborn baby against a palm tree

A 26-year-old woman, Esi Dora, killed her newborn baby by hitting her against a palm tree in Breman Amoanda, Asikuma Odobeng Brakwa district of the central region of Ghana. Reports indicate that this is the second time the woman has committed such a horrific act, as she threw her baby down the toilet last year. Still, the baby was immediately recovered and is currently alive.

This horrific story of a mother who killed her baby is now fueling discussions in Breman Amoanda, Asikuma Odobeng Brakwa District, Central Region, and even in other cities in Ghana. Asked by Kasapa FM News Yaw Boagyan, the suspicious mother claimed the baby died before birth. Hence, she quickly threw it into a bush.

26-year-old woman, Esi Dora and her “smashed” new born baby
26-year-old woman, Esi Dora and her “smashed” new born baby

In contrast, Esi Dora, many of whom genuinely doubt if she is sane, admitted to having “smashed” the baby against a palm tree when he was already dead. She added that it would have been difficult for her to care for this baby, even if she had survived due to the financial difficulties she finds herself in.

Surprisingly, both family members of the woman, as well as residents, claim that the suspect has not shown signs of mental illness.

Breman Amoanda’s unit committee member Mr. Sarpong, who condemned the woman’s criminal act, revealed that certain rituals would be performed to appease the city gods before the baby is buried.

Remember that infanticide has become more and more frequent in some cities in Ghana for some time. The most recent is that committed by Adwoa Juliana, a 35-year-old woman, who allegedly killed her two sons in Yeboa Akosua, a farming community near Ejura, in the Ashanti region. But, the latter is in the hands of justice, to answer for his odious act. She is already pondering her fate in prison, awaiting the court verdict.

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