Mum who had baby after long IVF treatments abuse child with fatal consequences

A British woman who for years tried in vain to conceive and eventually had a baby after fertility treatment is probably going to jail for years because she has mistreated her very young daughter with fatal consequences. The London court speaks of a heartbreaking drama.

Shalina Padmanabha (33) denies that she did anything to her daughter born in February 2017. The girl was born prematurely and saw the light of day with a deviation: a hole in her skull. Several major operations were needed to restore the head, forcing the baby to stay in the hospital for a total of four months after her birth.

After her discharge, there was little left with the girl. Nevertheless, she died three months later at home in Essex. An investigation by forensic doctors revealed that the girl had ‘catastrophic injuries’, most likely the result of clapping with hard objects on her head or repeatedly hitting a wall.

According to the prosecutor, the mother lies when she says that the injuries were caused by the child’s actions. Padmanabha states that the girl was “extremely strong and agile.” Nonsense, according to the judiciary, because injuries have been found on the body that could not possibly have been caused by the baby itself.

These concerns head injury, bruised ribs, various subcutaneous bleeding, and a twisted leg. “This child has been seriously abused for the rest of her life after she went to live at home,” the Public Prosecution Service in Great Britain assures. “She died of fatal head wounds that are unrelated to previous hospital interventions.”


After she was released from the hospital, the girl continued to suffer from various health problems. For example, the baby had to be fed via a tube and she underwent a few small operations. The public prosecutor states in the British media that 100% certainty has been shown that the mother has robbed her baby of life. According to the Daily Mail, the woman was recently acquitted of murder, but sentenced for manslaughter and cruel behavior towards a child.

The verdict says: “The death of a child is always tragic, but even if it is a result of the actions of a mother who just wanted a baby, it is completely heartbreaking. It is the responsibility of parents to take care of their offspring in the best possible way.”

Padmanabha, currently in pre-trial detention. Justice: “A long sentence for this murder is justified and in any case, this woman has a lifelong sentence because she will carry this drama caused by her forever.” The child’s father has not been charged. The girl was only raised by her single mother at that time.

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