My mother in love and dating my classmate

Is it normal for a mother to do that to her son? I feel humiliated. My mother is dating my classmate and close friend to me. Please give me advice.

Hello Afrinik, can you publish my story? I really need advice.

My name is Sebastian and I’m 20 years old. My mother became pregnant when she was 16 years old. We grew up together. Sometimes people think we’re brother and sister because she looks like a 20-year-old girl. She is really beautiful.

My father did not recognize me and my maternal grandparents took care of me. I really admire my mom because she fought to become a brilliant woman. She makes a good living. I know my father but when he tried to get close to me after several years, my mother said no. She did not want me to bear my father’s name. I see him from time to time and to be forgiven, gets me many gifts.

Sometimes I feel like he’s still in love with my mom, but she does not give it importance. She was hurt when he refused to recognize me as his son when she became pregnant. My mom is my best, I tell her everything and I notice right away when something is wrong with her.

I have gotten admission into the university, and I have become very close to my classmate. I even invited one of my classmate and a close friend to my house because he lived in a university residence.

I explained to my mom before the invitation and my mom agreed to come and live with us.

To my surprise, I noticed that my mom was getting more beautiful, she was cooking for us and she was spending more time at home. She wasn’t traveling as she used to do before. I asked her if there was a man in her life, she said no to me. One day, I took my friend’s cell phone to take songs and I see that he gets a message from a certain person, it intrigued me because the person had the same name as my mom. I read the message and she wrote “I miss you, it bothered me to lie to my son.”

I was so angry that I asked my classmate to leave my house. I am really angry with my mother because I find she disrespected me. I prefer her to partner with someone her age.

Is it normal for a mother to do that to her son? I feel humiliated, give me advice.

My mother in love and dating my classmate

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