Mysterious blue dogs in Russia: why their fur is blue?

Several exceptional dogs are walking around near the Russian city of Dzerzjinsk. Their fur is blue. What is the cause? It probably comes from chemical waste from a closed factory near the city.

Residents of Djerzhinsk believe that a plexiglass factory that has illegally discharged chemical waste for years is the underlying reason for the dogs’ blue fur.

The substance copper sulfate, in particular, is said to explain the blue color of the animals. “They must have found a certain substance and rolled in it,” said a spokesman.

Blue dogs in Russia
©V-Kontakte/Ganinav – Blue dogs in Russia

The dry version of copper sulfate is white, but as soon as it comes into contact with water, pentahydrate is formed, which is blue.

Local authorities are now also aware of the mystery. They plan to catch the dogs so that they can be examined more closely. “We have to check the health and find out where the blue fur comes from,” said a spokesman.

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