Natalia in love with ‘man from audience’

Natalia in love with 'man from audience': singer secretly introduced new friend last month

She is in love again. And everyone can know. On the eve of her new tour Natalia found new happiness with the unknown Frederik Binst. Although, unknown? The man was put on the stage exactly a month ago by the singer during her show at the Lotto Arena.

In terms of male beauty, Natalia has always been a fine tester. That was also yesterday in the Sportpaleis. While the hurricane from Oevel shone on stage, one man looked exceptionally interested. Frederik Binst. In contrast to previous conquests of the singer a noble unknown, but a man that she seems completely addicted to.

The couple shared several intimate snaps from Natalia’s favourite island of Barbados and the comments left nothing to the imagination. “I’m good at being crazy,” wrote Binst with a picture of both their feet in the sand, “but she is even better at it.” And apparently, they share the same passion. “Enjoying the surf life”, the happy one writes further. And they also share a love for animals.

The couple was scanty yesterday with comments, but that it is indeed well between the two is confirmed by her manager. “I cannot deny that she is very happy,” it added.

Frederik Binst

And that new love does not come out of the blue. Because in early November, at her Crystal Concert on the occasion of her 15-year jubilee as an artist, a special scene took place on stage. In full show Natalia then chose a man from the audience and planted him in the middle of the stage on a chair. The lucky one was treated to a private dance and a particularly beautiful view of her derrière. That lucky one, it turns out, was not chosen haphazardly. His name: Frederik Binst.


Although she was not eager for a photo together, Natalia did shine yesterday. And again, happy after her last known relationship with the American Alexander was stranded somewhere in 2016, the new love opens the door to her other wish. “What I’ve been really well aware of for a good year…”, sounded very recently.

“Getting children is the biggest adventure there is and only when you embark on that adventure do you have balls on your body. Maybe I do not dare to enter it unconsciously. I do not know. (think) I have always had a very full life, huh. Traveling, experiencing new things. And suddenly I am 37 and I think: ‘How young, where did all that time go?’ I am not bothered by the fact that I am already so old and childless. I also do not miss children because I do not know what it is to have them.”

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