Nicki Minaj responds to Serena Williams’ racist cartoon

Nicki Minaj is not pleased with the racist cartoon by Serena Williams, signed by the Australian artist Mark Knight. After the loss of Williams, the print appeared in The Herald Sun, and in the meantime the publication could count on a lot of opposition. Now also on that of rapper Nicki Minaj.

Nicki, who weekly releases a playful ‘cocksucker of the week’, freely translated to ‘motherfucker of the week’-award on the radio, this week seriously hacked Knight.

“Where was that guy with his head? Such a racist drawing… Every time black women do not agree, they are described as ‘hysterical’. If they want to report that they are treated unfairly, they are immediately ‘unreasonable’ or ‘they have a temper tantrum’. That is simply not true. That must stop.”

She named the artist by name in her radio program. “Sorry, I just have to let people know who he is. Someone who can twist the positive body image of Serena so that it is laughed at… Just look at how he has drawn her lips and arms. No, boy, our culture loves women with a real body, well tried.”

“For the sake of clarity, I am for artistic freedom,”says Nicki, who occasionally makes someone black in her songs. “But you did your best to make her look uglier and more ridiculous than she is – just like an animal! – just because it’s black. And I cannot stand that.”

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