Artists are angry about Grammy nominations: black artists get fewer opportunities

Several artists have expressed displeasure with the Grammy nominations announced yesterday. Black singers, in particular, point out that the organization once again seems to favor white performers. As ‘proof’, they give that The Weeknd was not nominated for ‘Best Album’, despite his monster scores in this year’s charts.

In a tweet, The Weeknd on Tuesday called the Recording Academy corrupt. He stated that he, his fans, and the music industry should be more transparent about the organization’s ins and outs.

The institute, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in full, is the organizer of the largest music awards in the US, the Grammys. The nominations for the upcoming award ceremony were announced earlier in the day, and The Weeknd turned out not to be in the running for one of the statues. This despite the great success of his album ‘After Hours’ earlier this year.

Blame yourself

Sources report to TMZ that there is more to the accusation of Abel Tesfaye, as The Weeknd is actually called. In recent weeks he is said to have negotiated firmly with the Recording Academy about performance during the award show at the end of January.

The Grammy organization would initially have forbidden him to also provide the halftime show of the Super Bowl

the following week. According to the insider, the parties eventually came to an agreement whereby the artist could do both shows, but not without causing mutual bad blood.


The Weeknd is already getting support from rapper Nicki Minaj. “Never forget the Grammys didn’t give me my best new artist award when I had 7 songs simultaneously charting on billboard & bigger first week than any female rapper in the last decade- went on to inspire a generation. They gave it to the white man Bon Iver.”

Fortunately, the Grammys are getting a bit of diversity in the form of their presenter this year. Talk show host Trevor Noah will take on that job this year. “I’m looking forward to it, and I might be the best man for this job,” he explains. “Because I know very well what it feels like to lose such an award.”

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