Nigerian village dubbed “idiot” changes name

People in northern Nigeria are celebrating the name change of their village, which is now called “village of abundance” and no longer “village of idiots”.

Residents of northern Nigeria celebrate the name change of their village from “village of idiots” to “village of abundance”. A local emir announced this change of name in Hausa after residents complained that they had been mocked for years and that they were ashamed to tell people where they came from.

“It was shameful to tell people outside that I come from Unguwar Wawaye [Village of Idiots], but now I can say with pride that I come from Yalwar Kadana [Village of Abundance],” said Bala Sani, a resident.

“We thank the Emir for this gesture.” The village in Kano State took its original name about 70 years ago when people settled near a river known as the Idiotic River. It is not clear why the river has this name.

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