Norwegian horse girl: she is trot and gallops perfect on all fours

Instagram and Twitter are full of astonishment watching the videos of the young Norwegian horse girl Ayla Kirstine. Her special gift? She moves like a horse on hands and feet. Apparently, it takes hardly any effort to walk through the garden in gallop or trot. What’s more: just like a seasoned jumping horse, she jumps over obstacles.

Ayla has been fascinated by animals since childhood. As a four-year-old, she was fascinated by dogs and successfully taught herself how to walk like a dog. The Norwegian horse girl did exactly the same a few years later when her interest shifted to horses.

The Norwegian Ayla Kirstine has had an Instagram profile since a month where she shows what she can do. This also aroused the interest of the influential German twitterer Cherno

who baptized her promptly “das Pferdemädchen” and shared some videos.

Since then it goes fast. Her videos have been viewed millions of times on Twitter. The woman says she does not experience muscle pain during or after her horse runs. “I don’t know why, but I don’t feel any pain in my body,” she explained to the website Insider.

The sudden popularity also caused some negative reactions. Something that clearly left Ayla awake. She asked her followers on Thursday if she still had to continue with her videos. That was answered en masse with a ‘yes’. We are also looking forward to her future videos.

Norwegian horse girl: she is trot and gallops perfect on all fours
Norwegian horse girl

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