Offset interrupts Cardi B action to win back

At the beginning of this month, rapper Cardi B (26) announced that she has made a point behind her relationship with Offset (27), with whom she has a five-month-old daughter Kulture. Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, as Cardi is actually called, put him at the door after it appeared that he had deceived her. The man clearly regrets, because he interrupted this weekend a performance by the rapster to apologize.

During the Rolling Loud Festival in LA, Offset interrupted the performance of Cardi B. He came up the stage with a banner with the words ‘take me back Cardi’ and had a gigantic bunch of flowers. He apologized while the whole room listened. “I just wanted to say personally that I’m sorry. Whatever I have to do to make it clear that I love you”, it sounded. It was not the first time that the man said ‘sorry’, because a few hours before, he had already told his Instagram fans that he misses his wife very hard and that he regrets his misstep.

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The ‘romantic’ action was however received on deaf ears. Cardi was not at all happy – there was not even a smile. When Offset wanted to take her, she also pulled away. After they whispered a few words to each other, the man was disappointed with his banner.

“He remains family”

Cardi B took it afterwards for her ex. She wants people to stop insulting him online. The rapster warned of the consequences of online bullying and also referred to Pete Davidson, who sent suicidal tweets the world a day earlier because he can no longer prevent people from insulting him daily on social media after his break with Ariana Grande.

American rapper said in a video on Instagram that she does not want people to take her to Offset on her behalf. Despite their private problems and the alleged unfaithfulness of her husband, she does not feel any better when people on social media bully or offend Offset. “In the end he remains family,” explains the rapster.

She emphasizes that this does not mean she goes back to Offset. “I just need time so that we can agree. I cannot predict the future. I do not know. But I do not feel any better when you go after my child’s father.”

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