Oprah wants to know who allegedly helped Michael Jackson to abuse children

Oprah Winfrey, who will take care of the follow-up review of the HBO documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ next week, wants to know who allegedly helped Michael Jackson to make contact with younger children. “Someone must have made those dates for him, someone must have arranged everything.”

‘Leaving Neverland’ is a documentary about the alleged child abuse of Michael Jackson, in which Wade Robson and James Safechuck talk about the things they have experienced in the home of the pop star who died in 2009.

Oprah states in her commentary, a program full of interviews that will be broadcast shortly after the documentary, an annoying question to director Dan Reed. The film does not focus on the people that Jackson must undoubtedly have helped to bring the children to him. People who knew about the abuse. “I want to know who they are,” she says. “Who – In the circles of the star – Ignored that he was a criminal? These are persons who are complicit and have not yet paid for their deeds.”

“How many people have known?” It’s a creepy question, because if Jackson did indeed rapes children and abused in other ways, it is almost impossible that no one from his gigantic entourage, managers, record company, circle of friends, family and security knew about it. Not to mention the parents of those conscious children. “I think a lot of people have known,” says Reed. “Much more than you would expect.”

Robson, who said he was seven years old when Jackson started a sexual relationship with him, says: “Michael was almost never alone. He was constantly surrounded by a well-oiled machine. His secretaries called me to arrange dates and sent cars to pick me up. There was always security at his door when I walked into the room.”


“In the documentary we see how parents, who stayed with their children in Jackson’s house overnight, were put further to sleep with their child,” explains Oprah. “In the beginning they were allowed to sleep right next to their child’s bedroom. Then suddenly there was no room left on that floor, and after that not even in the same wing of the house. Mothers were consciously further removed from their children. Iémand must have put that in scene, Jackson did not deal with it alone.”

According to Robson it is not possible that Jackson had no accomplices. “No one can abuse children on the scale that Michael did, without having to be accomplices.”

Oprah wants to know who helped Michael Jackson to abuse children
©REUTERS – Oprah visits Michael Jackson’s Neverland in February 1993.

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