P-star ‘Jenna Presley’ has become a pastoress

P-star Jenna Presley just released her decision to leave the P-Hub industry. She has now traded her former career for “XXXCHURCH” by preaching in a church.

Jenna announced that she and her husband will run the school “XXXCHURCH”, a Christian website created to help ponographic drug addicts and help those working in the P-hub industry. According to former pastor Craig Gross, he heard his Lord tell him to entrust the church and its activities to Jenna Presley, whose real name is Brittni De La Mora.

The statement she posted on the website said: “My husband and I will be the new faces of XXXchurch.com we are honored that God has called us to this ministry.”

P-star ‘Jenna Presle’ has become a pastoress

De La Mora worked in a striptease club to help pay her tuition before joining the porn-industry.

“I grew up in a broken household, so I really didn’t know my worth. I discovered early on that if I was undressed in the presence of men, I was going to get what I didn’t have at home – and that was an affirmation,” she said in the columns of Fox News.

According to De La Mora, she enjoyed working in her former industry and making nud!e videos until she discovered she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease, which prompted her to rethink her life and leave P-Hub immediately.”

She said, “I had never had an STD in my life, so I thought, What am I doing in this business?”. Jenna Presley also revealed that when she discovered that she had an STD, she started using drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.

Despite the fact that she converted to Christianity, De La Mora continued to play in the industry for about 3 ½ years. But one day she decided that she was tired and could not continue. “I went to Las Vegas to shoot a scene and took my Bible on the plane and read the scriptures.”

P-star ‘Jenna Presle’ has become a pastoress

“At that time, I really felt [God was telling me], ‘Brittni, this is not the life I want for you’ … know that I have something far more precious in store for you but I need you to give me a step of faith today. I need you to leave this area and I promise you that your life will change.”

“So I left the industry that day and I have been away since December 2012.” After leaving the area, she married a pastor named “Richard” and they co-authored a book that helps the couple spice up their relationship, dubbed “Fire and Fresh.”

“My husband and I believe that the greatest relationship is the relationship with God and with each other,” she said. The Church xxx declares that “Jesus loves P-stars”.

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