Paleontologists find the remains of a “talkative” dinosaur in Mexico

In the course of excavations in northern Mexico, Paleontologists have found the remains of a species of dinosaurs previously unknown to science. Scientists believe that the ancient representative of the animal world lived on Earth about 73 million years ago.

The new dinosaur species was named Tlatolophus galorum. Tlahtolli in Aztec Nahuatl means “word”, lophus in Greek means “crest”.

The bones of the dinosaur are perfectly preserved due to the special conditions of the area. Specialists have already been able to restore about 80% of the entire skeleton, including the skull, 1-meter ridge, humerus, and femur.

After studying the dinosaur skull, paleontologists concluded that they were dealing with a “talkative” species. It is likely that the animals could communicate with each other by making different sounds. It is also possible that Tlatolophus galorum, with the help of sounds, scared off predators.

Earlier, scientists from the University of Texas at Austin found evidence which, in their opinion, finally confirms the most popular version of the disappearance of dinosaurs from the face of the Earth. The researchers concluded that the fall of the asteroid can now be considered the main cause of the extinction of ancient animal species.

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