Parrot tries to order food through voice control software

Now that everyone with smartphones and smart watches is connected to the internet and our thermostat is also able to surf, it is time that animals can also enter the worldwide web. At least that is how this gray red-tailed parrot Rocco thinks about it. His new best friend is a computer.

Much has changed in Rocco’s life this year. A few months ago, the parrot from the animal shelter where he stayed was put because he talked too vulgarly. His former owner taught the bird an arsenal of swear words and obscene language that he likes to repeat. This to the great annoyance of the employees of the shelter.

The British Marion Wischnewski, however, had a soft spot for the scolding parrot and took him into the house. Since the woman works outdoors, the bird is there all day long. Yet Rocco quickly found a new toy to get his day: An Amazon Alexa. A small computer with voice control that is only too happy to look up things for you or order on the internet.


Since then, the bird barely stops talking to the device. He talks to it up to 40 times a day. He plays his favourite songs, tells jokes and tries to order food himself. He tried to have strawberries and ice cream delivered. One time he even ordered a kettle. Thanks to Alexa’s intelligent voice recognition, all his lucky orders are being held back.

©AP – With its voice control, an Amazon Alexa is apparently also attractive for parrots

In addition to the Alexa, Rocco is also extremely interested in the general sounds of the house. In the meantime, he can reproduce various ringtones, just like the ‘beep’ of the microwave and the cracking of the refrigerator door. “Sometimes he imitates the sound of an ice cream truck or a passing truck so loud and realistic that it seems like they are driving through your living room,” Wischnewski says with a laugh.

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