“People make fun of me because of my skin color”

Nollywood actress Beverly Naya explained how people were making fun of her because of her black skin color and how she was discriminated against in the film industry.

The British and Nigerian actress announced it in her new documentary entitled Skin.

"People make fun of me because of my skin color"

“As an industry, we need to diversify. As a person, I must have an impact on people. I grew up in a very difficult situation. I was bullied and mocked because of my skin color. The same problem is in fashion and I have to do my best to stop it.”

People make fun of me because of my skin color

“I interviewed about 30 people, including Bobrisky, as part of this project and had the opportunity to visit my home town of Delta for the first time. I wish to be the specialist and focal point of the documentary in Nigeria.”

The documentary entail the odd experiences encountered by the people with black skin color

"People make fun of me because of my skin color"

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