Weird: Photos of Amanda Ahola (22) who wants to be a d0ll

Amanda Ahola is a webcam model from Finland who, since she learned about aesthetic surgeries (at age nine), made the firm decision to have her body operated on; however, her first procedure seemed insufficient. This is how a history of addiction to aesthetic operations began.

According to Amand Ahola; “after my second br**ast job, I realized that I had an addiction because I discovered how happy I had been. I would even say that plastic surgery is better than s*x, much better.”

Amanda Ahola is 22 years old today, and at her young age, she experienced being on the verge of death because of the surgeries. The last one that was practiced was to increase the br*asts again, but due to the shock that her body had with the anesthesia, she was in a coma for several days.

“When I woke up, I realized that I had my surgery, but I had a seizure and was in a coma for several days.”

The young Amanda who is also dedicated to making tripleX videos has been questioned about how she has managed to finance the multiple surgeries that she has practiced, after which she confessed that there is an older man behind her who is pleased to satisfy her whims: “I have a sugar daddy who supports me financially, although we do not have any physical relationship. After my reaction to the anesthesia, I went into a coma for several days.”

Ahola underwent her first surgery as soon as she came of age, and was, as she wished for a long time, in her br*asts. Subsequently, Botox was put on the lips, and rhinoplasty was performed. In the following years, Amanda Ahola continued to increase other parts of her body.

In spite of the dramatic episode that Amanda Ahola lived after being in a coma, Amanda assured that she will continue doing surgeries because, besides being the only thing that makes her happy, she wants to make her golden dream come true: to be a s^x d0ll.

Amanda Ahola (22) who wants to be a doll
Amanda Ahola

“The doctors told me that the problem occurred with anesthesia, so I was close to dying, but despite this near-death experience, I am still as addicted to plastic surgery as ever.”

Sugar Daddy

“I found my sugar daddy on Instagram. I wasn’t like looking for him,” she said in an interview with The Daily Mail from 2017.

“He asked me if there was anything that I would like and I said that I would like bigger b00bs. I have never met my sugar daddy. I’ve only spoken to him on the phone. Obviously, if someone wants to pay my bills or surgeries and is content to not having a physical relationship with me that is fine.”

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