Piers Morgan: “Meghan Markle used me for her career”

In his column in the Daily Mail, Piers Morgan fiercely pulled out to Meghan Markle, with whom he had befriended years ago. According to the British presenter Meghan only used him as a stepping stone for her career as an actress.

The two came into contact with each other in 2015 via Twitter. Piers decided to follow a number of stars from the American drama series Suits on Twitter, including Markle. “Within a few minutes she sent me a private message back: “Hello there, thanks for following. I am a big fan of you!”, Writes Piers in his column. “I answered and the months after we sent each other regular messages.”

In 2016 they met for the first time in a pub in London. “We had a very pleasant time”, writes Piers about the time in which Meghan was barely known. “She asked me about her career and the media and said she would like to come to ‘Good Morning Britain’ once she is back in London. Back in the taxi she wrote on Twitter how much she liked to see her friend – me – again.”


But immediately after that meeting it was over with the friendship. “Meghan went to a dinner that night where she met Prince Harry. She went with him on date and after that I never heard from her again. Not a word.” Piers is blazing on the “rude behaviour” of Harry’s current wife. “I was used by a b-actress to give her career a boost. When a more important and influential person came into the picture, Prince Harry in this case, I was immediately dumped”, he complains.

Piers says not to be surprised that there are stories that Meghan would behave as a demanding diva that drives the staff to insanity. “Because of the unfortunate experience I had with her, it does not surprise me at all.”

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