President of Uganda starts six-day trek through the jungle

Today, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has embarked on a six-day trek through the jungle. The 75-year-old president follows the route he traveled more than 30 years ago with his guerrilla movement, which enabled him to seize power.

The guerrilla movement of Museveni put an end to the bloody regime of President Milton Obote and his predecessor Idi Amin in 1986. Since then, Museveni has continuously held power in Uganda.

President of Uganda starts six-day trek through the jungle

With its 195-kilometer march, Museveni wants to evoke memories of the action that the guerrillas took. He travels from Galamba, north of the capital Kampala, to western Birembo. A decisive battle against the army of Obote was fought in the latter city at the time.

The spokesperson of the president is, therefore, talking about “a journey into the past, to appreciate the present”.

However, Ugandan politician and musician Bobi Wine, who wants to take on Museveni in the 2021 presidential election, dismisses the action as an election stunt.

“Instead of spending taxpayers’ money on trips like this, Museveni should realize that it’s time to leave power,” he says. “The farmers and everyone in Uganda want change.”

President of Uganda starts six-day trek through the jungle

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