Pretty Japanese girl turns out to be 50-years-old man offline

Under the name @azusagakuyuki, the Japanese motorcycle enthusiast gave almost 18,000 followers an insight into his life. But he did impersonate a much younger-looking Japanese female beauty.

Awake followers became suspicious when they saw a reflection of a completely different face in one of the photos in a mirror.

A Japanese TV show was able to track down the person behind the Twitter account. When the helmet took off, to the viewers’ astonishment, the head of a man in his fifties with long hair appeared.


Enlarged detail of photo with reflection
©Twitter/@azusagakuyuki – Enlarged detail of photo with reflection

His real name is Zonggu, and he turned out to be a fan of motorcycles and photo editing programs like FaceApp. He went to work with this to transform himself into “a younger, beautiful woman”, because according to him, nobody is waiting for an older “uncle”.

It did him no harm. The so-called biker got a lot of fans, who liked his posts with thousands of likes and retweets with hundreds. Some suspected that the ‘woman’ edited her photos to look better, but that happens more often on social media.

Zonggu said on the TV show that he enjoyed becoming “an online celebrity”. But details in his photos led to the exposure. For example, a “hairy man’s arm” could be seen, and his real face appeared in the mirror of his motorcycle.

In the top right mirror, you can see the real face of the Japanese man in his fifties
©Twitter/@azusagakuyuki – In the top right mirror, you can see the real face of the Japanese man in his fifties

But the exposure brought his popularity to a peak. Twitter users were very impressed with the man’s qualities as a photoshopper. “That guy looks nicer than me”, ladies joked. Others rated Zonggu’s deception with his false profile as “next level”.

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