Python swallows larger python, but it appears to be quite heavy

The eyes of a python from Western Australia were clearly larger than its mouth. The snake of about 3.5 to 4 meters ventured into a kind that was just that little bit bigger. That lunch got the hungry python bad.

“This beauty was at our house this morning,” wrote the Parry Creek Farm Tourist Resort and Caravan Park on Facebook. “We relocate these big guys so they don’t eat our chooks,” it continued.

“We saw he’d had a good feed of something (yes we counted the chooks it wasn’t one of them) and safely bagged him. Once he was out of the bag he started to regurgitate, that’s when we saw the tail! Thinking it was a black whip snake – WOW were we wrong! It all happened very quick and he was off again safe and sound. Sadly he lost his lunch but we hope he grabs something else and the birds get his left overs.”

Python swallows larger python, but it appears to be quite heavy
©Amanda Jongedyk/Parry Creek Farm

Amanda Jongedyk from Wyndham in Western Australia was able to take impressive pictures on Monday and shared them with the park on Facebook.

According to Live Science, cannibalism is more common in snakes, although their meals usually consist of small animals. Sometimes they also eat adult deer or antelope and, exceptionally, even people. For example, a seven-meter python in 2017 was found to have swallowed an Indonesian farmer in its entirety.

The python is from Australia and parts of Africa and Asia. The hoses can weigh up to just over eight meters in length and up to almost 160 kg.

Fox News, Facebook
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