Python with more than 500 ticks from Australian pool

Snake catchers in Australia have rescued a carpet python that had more than five hundred ticks. The reptile lay in a pool in a backyard in the city of Gold Coast in Queensland.

“And you thought one tick was bad?” Snake catcher Tony Harrison shared a picture of the snake with hundreds of ticks on his head and body. In Queensland they are used to snakes, but they have not seen a snake with so much tick. Not even Harrison, who has 26 years of experience.

The snake servant took the animal to an animal clinic to get rid of all ticks. When he took the animal out of the pool, it felt like he was holding a bag of marbles.

©Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher

Veterinarians removed a total of 513 ticks, according to Harrison. It took hours to remove all the animals.

Especially the little ticks, that was under his skin was difficult. “His whole face was swollen and bleeding.”

He expects that the animal, which has been given the name Nike (referring to the goddess of victory, ed.), Will recover. Although it will take some time before he can be released again.

Presumably the snake was sick due to heat stress or drought, so the parasites saw their chance to settle on him. Harrison thinks the animal in the pool was trying to drown the ticks.

It is not unusual for ticks to nest on snakes, but in such large numbers.

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