QAnon supporters disappointed after inauguration, no mass arrests: “We’ve been framed”

Many followers of the QAnon movement today seem to have been disappointed. That day should have been the Great Awakening when Democratic leaders were to be arrested for running a pedophile network, but nothing happened.

According to The New York Times, Joe Biden was just sworn in as president, and Donald Trump was not given a second term.

There were no mass arrests, as predicted, forcing conspiracy theorists to scrutinize their ideas. Some groups concluded that they might not be right about Biden. He may even be part of Trump’s efforts to dismantle the global conspiracy.

Others reacted angrily to the propagators of the predictions that today would be a turnaround. “A lot of YouTube journalists have just lost a lot of credibilities,” said a QAnon supporter in one of the QAnon chat rooms on the Internet.

“It is over”

Some realized they had simply been cheated. “It’s over,” one of them wrote. Another called on supporters to wake up. “We’ve been tricked.”

Followers hoping for a message from Q, the pseudonym of the person driving the movement with his posts, were also disappointed. He has not been in touch for several weeks, according to The New York Times.

Supporters of the far-right QAnon movement think members of the US elite are pedophile Satanists involved in a plot against President Trump.

They are based on messages from a certain ‘Q’, an anonymous internet user. Followers of QAnon are active on Twitter and on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook.

Die-hard supporters of QAnon called for patience. “Don’t worry about what happens at noon. Watch what will happen next.”

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