Trump’s “inauguration ceremony” for second term plan by supporters

Despite the Electoral College vote on 14 December confirming the Democratic presidential candidate’s victory, some Trump supporters are steadfast and want to see the outgoing President re-elected. They plan to hold an “online inauguration ceremony” for the unfortunate candidate on 20 January, the day of that of Biden.

Supporters of the incumbent US President plan to hold an alternative “online inauguration ceremony” for Donald Trump on the day Joe Biden, who won the November election, is sworn in, the Facebook page of the event says.

According to the page, it will take place on 20 January at noon US East Coast time. The description states that it is being organized by a group of Trump supporters consisting of 325,000 people, who are not associated with any formal organization. More than 62,000 people have expressed their desire to participate in the event, and more than 263,000 are interested.

Facebook has tagged the page with a note reminding that Joe Biden is the 46th President elected in the 3 November election.

Trump clings to power

The incumbent Republican President, who has launched several lawsuits following the presidential election, refuses to admit defeat. This was despite the Electoral College’s vote in mid-December, which had made official the victory of Democrat Joe Biden.

Donald Trump had therefore prevented government agencies until recently from cooperating with the Biden team as tradition dictates.

Electoral College Vote

The Electoral College confirmed Monday, 14 December, the election of Joe Biden by 306 votes to 232 for Donald Trump. It is notably the vote of the electors of California, the most populous state in the country, which allowed the Democratic candidate to cross the threshold of 270 votes needed to win against his Republican rival and become the 46th President of the United States.

Congress will formally announce the name of the winner of the presidential election on 6 January, and the inauguration of the new President will be held on 20.

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