Queen Elizabeth spreads Easter message for the first time

93-year-old British Queen Elizabeth made an exclusive Easter statement for the first time in her reign. It was spread through Buckingham Palace on Saturday evening, on the eve of Easter.

The profoundly religious Queen said that during the Corona crisis, the message of Easter – the resurrection of Jesus from the dead – is more needed than ever before.

The Queen emphasized that Easter can still be celebrated, albeit differently than usual. ‘This year, Easter will be different for many of us, but by keeping ourselves separate, we keep others safe. But Easter has not been canceled. We need Easter more than ever,’ she said.

The story of Christ’s resurrection can now give hope, the Queen said. “We know that the coronavirus will not overpower us. No matter how dark death can be, especially for those in mourning, the light and life are greater,” it sounded.

Her Easter message was accompanied by a video containing a candle. Many religions have festivals that celebrate the light that overcomes darkness. Such occasions often involve lighting candles, said Queen Elizabeth.

It is the second time in a short time that Queen Elizabeth speaks to the population, while she rarely does that.

The UK has therefore been severely affected by the corona pandemic. On Saturday, British health authorities reported that the death toll is approaching 10,000, with 917 new deaths.

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