R. Kelly’s employee confesses to bribing alleged victim

An employee of R. Kelly’s team has confessed that he bribed one of the singer’s alleged victims. Last year, the man was arrested for allegedly offering the woman 500,000 dollars to keep quiet about the sexual abuse. The employee admitted his guilt in court on Tuesday, American media report.

During a phone call last year, the man offered the alleged victim hush money that Kelly would pay. The police tapped his phone and arrested him shortly afterward.

Two other ‘good friends’ of the singer are also accused of bribery. They are also accused of trying to intimidate women. They allegedly set fire to a car near the house where one of the women was staying. They also reportedly threatened to leak intimate photos.

Detained in Chicago pending multiple abuse cases, Kelly has been haunted by allegations of sexual relations with underage women for decades and was almost convicted of sex with a minor once before.

The singer denies all wrongs.

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