Rapper Nelly released in Abu Dhabi

Sunday the Grand Prix Formula 1 took place in Abu Dhabi. After the race, which was won by Briton Lewis Hamilton, there was an exclusive after party on a yacht. There were not only many celebrities and rappers present, the Flemish ‘Playboy’ model Debby Gommeren was also allowed to party. She saw that night the American rapper Nelly was arrested. “In the meantime, he is happily released,” says Debby.

“I know Nelly from the time I lived in Los Angeles,” says Gommeren. “We had a great time at that party, until around six o’clock in the morning a fight arose. When the police finally arrived, most of the guests were already home. I was still there, just like Nelly. He wore a white T-shirt, but in the ensuing uproar there were blood spatters on it. He had nothing to do with the fight, but the police did not listen to that. Although everyone protested, Nelly was handcuffed and still had to be questioned.”

At first it seemed that the rapper would be held for a long time, he is now free again. “I have no details, but I do not have to. I am especially happy for him that they have released him quickly. Logically, he had not done anything”, says Debby.

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