Rappers Cardi B and Offset separate

After a marriage of fourteen months, rappers Cardi B (26) and Offset (26) split up. That is what the American rapster has announced on Instagram. Their relationship would have been in the doldrum for a long time.

In a video on her Instagram account, Cardi B says that there have been some struggles between her and her child’s father for a while. “I’ve been trying for a while to make it work with the father of my child. We are good friends, business partners and feel a lot of love for each other. But it has not worked between us for a long time.”

She then says that it is “no one’s fault.” Cardi says that the divorce has started, but that it will take some time. The rapster also emphasizes once again that she has no quarrel with her husband. “I will always feel a lot of love for him. He is the father of my daughter.”

Cardi B, known from ‘I Like It’ and ‘Bodak Yellow’, and rapper Offset, or Kiari Cephus, welcomed their first child together last July. Daughter Kulture is the first child of Cardi B. Offset already had two sons and a daughter from previous relationships. He has not yet responded to the divorce through his own social media channels.

Cardi B became discredited on Monday because she did not show up in a lawsuit about a fight, while photographs of her appeared on a beach in Miami.


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There you go..peace and love

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