Rare luck: tamed elephant gives birth to twins in Sri Lanka

For the first time in 80 years, a captive elephant in Sri Lanka has given birth to twins. The male calves have not yet been named. Cute images show how the small proboscis animals are already standing on their feet and eating leaves in the presence of their mother.

The delivery took place at an orphanage for elephants in Pinnawala, a village about 90 kilometers from the capital Colombo. There was a difference of almost five hours between the two births.

A total of 81 pachyderms found shelter in the enclosure. For Surangi (25) it was her second pregnancy; in 2009, she had already given birth. Father Pandu (17) shares in the happiness.

Pinnawala was established in 1975 to take care of elephants in need. According to experts, it has been since 1941 that a tamed mastodon in Sri Lanka produced twins. An estimated 7,500 elephants still live in the wild in that country.

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