Reconciliation in the making? Kim Kardashian visiting Kanye West

Kim Kardashian (39) flew to Wyoming to be with her husband, Kanye West (43). The rapper apologized this weekend after sharing all kinds of the couple’s private affairs on social media the previous week.

TMZ shares a number of photos on Monday where Kim and Kanye sit in a car together and visit a fast-food restaurant. The musician and the reality star have not made public statements about their meeting.

According to witnesses, however, things were rather tense. Kim also started crying during a conversation with her husband, and the photographers were able to capture. Last week she tried several times to visit Kanye at his ranch, but he still refused to see her until now.

Last week, Kim asked her Instagram fans to understand the awkward position of the family of people with mental disorders. ‘As many of you know, Kanye suffers from bipolar disorder. Anyone who is struggling with this or who has someone in their environment, which does that knows how incredibly complicated and painful that is.’

She wrote that she understood that her husband is a public figure, and his comments elicit strong reactions, but “people who are close to Kanye and know how deep in his heart understand that sometimes his words don’t match who he is.”

She also spoke of family members’ frustration that there is little they can do when things aren’t going well for the person with bipolar disorder. ‘People who understand psychological problems know that the family is powerless unless the person is a minor. People who know nothing about it and are far away from it can judge hard and do not understand that the person themselves must take the first steps towards care, no matter how hard family and friends try.’

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