What your length of fingers say about you

The shape of your hands can say a lot about your personality. This is what scientific studies reveal. Although these tests may be questionable, they can be a good dose of humor.

In fact, the fingers are formed according to several factors including the development of your brain and the amount of hormone available to your body. To compare them, it is enough to take in the index, the length of the index and the ring finger, but the length of the nail will not be taken into account.

If the ring finger is longer than the index:

In this case, it must be said that you are a very courteous person. According to the study, you are part of very voluntary people, but from time to time aggressive and angry. In addition, we can say that you are more or less extroverted. You would be a good musician or an artist because you are creative. This type of hand would reveal that your body contains a lot of testosterone, which makes you a sportsman.

Men who have this type of hand tend to like adventure. They are most often polygamous.

If the index is longer than the ring finger:

You are a person who does not take too much head, calm and very serene. Your hand is thinner and therefore more feminine. Scientifically, this means that your body has less testosterone than the previous group with the ring finger longer than the index finger.

Women who have this type of hand are often very sensual and men are a little effeminate but faithful in love.

If the index is as long as the ring finger:

For this last group, the study indicates that you have an average testosterone level. Your personality is in the middle of those mentioned above. Nevertheless, one must understand one thing: this test has more humorous value than anything else so do not take too much of the head.

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